About UniSite

About unisite

Innovation, expertise, flexibility and sustainability, is UniSite’s signature and the foundation of our success.
As an international partner, UniSite group is specialized in providing comprehensive service as well as innovative and efficient equipment of dredging, land reclamation, offshore projects, marine engineering, piling works, municipal engineering, mechanical engineering, construction machinery, oilfield projects and environmental remediation industry.
With a history steeped in shipbuilding in military factory in Ningbo since ten years ago, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of engineering and manufacturing high-performance integrated vessels and equipment, and providing sustainable services.

With our commitment to effective management, technological innovation, rising productivity, skilled employees, in which sustainability and flexibility are key, we strive to continuously meet the specific needs of each customer and offer best possible and most sustainable solutions in a rapidly evolving world.
We are one of the leading expert in providing equipment for dredging and marine construction.

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