Machining Components


UniSite provide service and relevant parts for mechanical engineering, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, port hoisting machinery, metallurgy, automobile, chemical, marine machinery.

Product Range:

  • Big Machining(Machining Center, Boring and Milling, Lathe)
  • Small Machining(CNC, Milling, Grinding)
  • Casting(Sand, Investment)
  • Die Casting
  • Forging
  • Stamping and Bending

Products List:

Service Key Customers In The Following Fields:

  • Machinery Products (Construction Parts, Agricultural Parts, Heavy Parts, Hoisting Parts, Valve Parts, Pump Parts, Machine Parts Like Wind Turbine Generate System Hub, Wind Power Bearing Block, Punching Machine Sliding Block, Punching Machine, Diesel Power Generator Base, Die Casting Machine Base, Injection Molding Machine Base, Punch, Tank, Accumulators Parts etc.)
  • Auto Products (Engine Parts, Transmission Parts, Brake System Parts, etc.)
  • Shipping building Products (Deck Machinery etc.)
  • Medical Products (Medical Components etc.)
  • Oil Products (Structure, Gear, Transmission etc.)


  • Construction & Capacity
    As one of the leading manufacturer for dredging & marine in China, we are able to supply innovative and efficient equipment, high quality parts with cost performance, BV/CCS/ISO approval
  • Service & Maintenance
    Our dedicated pool of service team is at your service to help optimize your equipment and operations, whatever standard or custom
  • Experience
    10+ years cooperation with top dredging & marine construction companies, we have involved in many famous projects all over the world that we have the ability to present top level, well know word wide standard(DIN, EN, ISO, ASME, ASTM, GB…)
  • Engineering & Designing
    Our modern engineering tools and experienced engineers are available to handle your engineering challenges. Cooperated with ECTMARINE, developed own dredging vessels designs and construction, whatever our standard or custom, which are characterized by reliability and high efficiency

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