UniSite group, a leading supplier for comprehensive service as well as relevant items of dredging, land reclamation, offshore projects, marine engineering, municipal engineering, mechanical engineering, construction machinery, oilfield projects and environmental remediation projects, has taken an active part in many project all over the world in the first quarter of 2017.

Updated 1: The Projects

  • Many famous hopper suction dredgers and cutter suction dredgers maintenance, we supplied many ship building parts: a big quantity of bottom doors, gantry, overflow, spud, adjusting/straight pipes, winch, hopper panel, manhole, hatch, pump spare parts, suction line equipment, jet line pipe, loading box, expansion tank, sheave, etc.
  • Marine subsurface exploration project in pakistan: jack up floating platform.
  • Construction work TTS crane: jib rest construction.
  • Reclamation work in UAE, singapore, australia: large quantity of reclamation pipe with flanges and sinker pipes, y-pipes, bends, etc.
  • Casting piece for pump & ship building: pump cover, suction mouth, liner, sheave, branch pipe, bend, water chamber, wearing plate, ring, water box, etc.
  • Piling work in USA, australia: piling pipe, sheet pile.
  • Machining part for LED field, ship building & machinery: shaft, bush, machining, casting, die casting, forging, stamping etc.

Updated 2: Some Main Events

  1. UniSite continue to strength cooperation with other professional organization, association(, institution in dredging field.
  2. UniSite is preparing to go to the Europort exhibition 2017.
  3. UniSite changed the Logo, unified enterprise elements, and to strengthen the enterprise culture.

Continuously Developing Products

  1. Steel Construction(Structures and Pipes)
  2. Steel/Iron Casting & Pump/Pump spare parts
  3. Machining Parts
  4. Piling and Parts
  5. Other parts